The Perfect Teacher Gift Ideas

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It’s hard to believe that Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to start thinking of all the gifts you need to buy everyone.

Teachers can be a tricky one. You want to show your appreciation, but often don’t know them very well AND you want to stick to a budget.

So, I have devised a creative, thoughtful and budget friendly list of teacher gifts that they are sure to love.


Many teachers have reported that special personalised ornaments either with your child’s name or one they have made will stand proud each year on their tree, reminding them of your kiddo every Christmas time. Can’t get more special than that?!
I’ve also seen some funny 2020 versions which would be very fitting for this crazy year we have had.


Succulents or herbs in a decorative pot are a lovely idea for a gift that keeps on giving. You child could decorate the pot themselves adding a personalised touch, or you could pick up one from the dollar store for cheap.

Bitmoji or Personalised Stamps

These are such a cute and personal gift that I know any teacher would love. And anything that helps cut down the stationery costs that a teacher spends annually is going to be a win.


Most teachers use beaded or funky lanyards to keep all their important things like keys, USB, whistle and pens on hand so you can’t go wrong with a new one to sport in the new year!

Or you can purchase some beads, thread and clasps from a craft store and get your child to design their own for a more personalised touch. 

Novelty Earrings

Some teachers love rocking these and there are so many amazing local brands out there making an assortment of styles from funky to more stylish designs you’ll be sure to find one to suit. Unless you have a male teacher…then you may want to check out some other suggestions!

A Book

The Christmas break is often one time of the year that teachers get to have some “me time”

and enjoy a good book. Whether it is one you have read and loved or one that is just on top of the charts right now, I’m sure many teachers will enjoy reading for pleasure instead of professional development for a change!

Beach Towel or Sarong

Here in Australia, Christmas time is the perfect time to hit the beach or the pool, so a new towel or sarong is an easy but practical gift that your teacher will be sure to appreciate.

Personalised Presents

I’ve come across an assortment of personalised “Teacher themed” gifts from…

Lolly jars (Mrs Smith, How sweet it was to be taught by you. Love Tom)

Cookies (Thanks for making me one smart cookie. Love Jane)

 Wine (Our child may be the reason you drink, so enjoy this one on us. The Jones Family)

Candle (A teacher is like a candle. It consumes itself to light the way for others)

Bean growing kit (It’s bean a wonderful year. Thanks for helping me grow. Love Sally)

Most of these you can find online or through local FB business groups or, with the power of Canva, a printer and some labels you could easily design these yourself!

Whiteboard Markers

Markers are something all teachers will purchase for a new year so why not help them discover an eco-friendly version. AusPen have created refillable and recyclable whiteboard markers that come in an array of colours and tip options. Once I discovered these, I couldn’t turn back and I now stock them in my teacher kits.

Teacher Appreciation Packs

There is an assortment of subscription style or one-off teacher kits with a variety of goodies that teachers will love and appreciate. These are a great option if you want to avoid the shops but are looking to get a few goodies the teacher will love!

Crafting Kit

The Christmas break can be the perfect time for

teachers to rediscover their creative side. I was gifted a Macrame Kit last year and was so touched at the thought and loved getting my hands busy creating again.

It could be learning macramé, how to make lip balm, macaroon baking kits or resin art kits. These days there are kits out there for every hobby imaginable. Go out on a limb and your teacher might be pleasantly surprised by your originality and grateful for the creative inspo!

DIY Craft Ideas

As corny as it sounds, most teachers love a thoughtful gift that their student has made. It could be some homemade rocky road, a painting or picture or something with a little more flair such as a framed picture designed with buttons, a personalised clip boardhomemade sugar scrub or an origami bookmark.

Eco, Animal or Human Inspiration

Whether it is assisting the environment, animals or humans, most teacher would appreciate a thoughtful and beneficial gift. If your teacher is an Eco Warrior, there are so many ethical and nifty businesses out there making a difference one straw, cutlery package or whiteboard marker at a time. Or for the Animal Lover, you could donate or “adopt” an animal or make a donation to a charity on behalf of the teacher helping children access education.

A Gift Card

If you are really stuck for ideas or have no idea what your child’s teacher would like, then a gift card is always a safe option. Massage, movies, restaurant, booze or a supermarket chain are some that would never go astray.

You don’t need to spend a fortune to show your teacher how much you appreciate all they have done for your child, especially in this crazy year that is 2020.

Happy shopping!


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