Have you gotten to the end of the year and realised you haven’t completed the required hours of Professional Development for your Teacher’s registration? It happens to me EVERY year! Don’t let this year be the same panicked rush and get on top of your PD hours now!

It is much harder as a Supply teacher to get access to PD but it is an important part of teaching in order to keep up our skills. There are some great courses and information out there to help keep us up to date with the changes going on in schools and classrooms and to keep our skills current to ensure we stay employable!

Remember you need to have a balanced selection of PD to cover all the Teaching Standards. 20 hours of “Professional Reading” won’t suffice, unfortunately. You also need to check your state’s requirements as they all differ slightly.

Here are some avenues where you can access free or low-cost Professional Development –

1. Your State’s Teacher Governing Body should have many free online courses available such as Student Protection, Code of Conduct, Behaviour Management etc.

2. Ask schools you are familiar with if you can sit in on their Professional Development meetings or Pupil Free Days.

3. First Aid and CPR is required as part of your registration and helps knock out a few mandatory hours.

4. PD just for CRT is a thing! There are some great sites specifically for our casual teaching role. CRTPD.com has plenty of free face to face courses, webinars and on-demand PD that you can do. Relief teaching.com has online courses plus lots of other resources for Relief Teachers all for $18/Lifetime membership. Relief Teacher Association via Class Cover gives you access to online webinars and courses for $20/course or unlimited access for $89/year.

5. Online videos can be found at Teachingchannel.org  and Teacherstv.com.au where they have an abundance of online video and training resources all for free.

6. Brite.edu.au offers 5 online learning modules to help build resilience in pre-service teachers.

7. Special needs is a great area to cover with some of your PD hours. Positive Partnerships have free workshops, Sue Larkey and Tony Attwood often hold free online workshops, readings on inclusion in the classroom by Paula Kluth is a great way to get some more knowledge, along with low-cost courses on Autism from iBehavioural Training

8. Diversity is an interesting area to help build your knowledge of intercultural education and understanding in the classroom, especially if you are in an indigenous or multicultural area. You can get up to 6 hours with a certificate through the modules set by Difference Differently.

9. Create-abilities.com offer free webinars on Maths, Literacy and more for practical strategies for in the classroom and you get a certificate at the end.

10. Mindmatters.com.au have free modules on mental health, tackling important issues to help you have the skills to deal with students in the classroom.

11. Professional Reading is ideal for keeping up with the latest teaching trends and also a great way to cover the last few hours remaining for your PD requirements.

12. Facebook Groups like this one, specifically advertise upcoming PDs that are usually free or low cost.

13. Lastly, Teacher for a Day offers a FREE webinar that teaches you the “Secrets to Supply Teaching Success” geared toward Primary Teachers. It has helpful and practical tips to help you feel more confident stepping into the classroom as a supply, relief or substitute teacher. You should be able to use it towards your “teacher directed” hours but check with your governing body as to their requirements. Get access to it here.


Don’t get caught out by not completing your requirements for your Teacher’s Registration.

Happy learning!



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