Helpful (and FREE) websites for the classroom

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Here are some handy websites to use in the classroom that are free and need NO subscriptions.

All Subjects
ABC Ya-    Interactive games for letters, numbers, skills and strategy
BBC Bitesize-   Videos, quizzes, lessons for ages 3-16+
Kahoot-      Fun quizzes perfect for checking students knowledge
Blooket-     Game style quizzes for students with access to devices
ABC TV-     A variety of short, educational TV shows
Top Marks-     Interactive whiteboard resources for all ages
Jack Hartmann-      Catchy educational tunes that incorporate movement, singing, dancing and learning
Toy Theatre-  Interactive educational games for primary/elementary classes
Live Worksheets-     Interactive worksheets that you can complete and check answers as a class
Pevan & Sarah-      Learning through catchy songs for the early years
YouTube for Kids-    Safer search engine for videos

Storyline Online-    Stories read by celebrities
Prodigy English-  Wizard themed game that is linked to the curriculum
Literacy Shed-     Themed film clips, image inspiration and lesson ideas
Get Epic-     Books, Audiobooks and videos. Free for teachers
Once Upon A Picture-     Images to inspire writing
Grammaropolis on Youtube-     Fun songs to learn grammar (subscription site available)
CommonLit-      Variety of texts, assessment tools and teaching resources for Grade 3-12
Read Theory-      Free reading comprehension
Read Words-      Texts for digital, print or smartboard use
Vooks-      Animated storybooks

Cool Math Games-    Fun interactive games.
Prodigy Math-   Wizard themed game that is linked to the curriculum
Esti-Mysteries-      Powerpoint files with clues to estimate quantities
Maths Starters-      Perfect warm up for any maths lesson
Maths is Fun-  Simple explanations and activities for all maths concepts
Math Antics-      Video explanations on maths concepts
G Fletchy-     Short video puzzles using real world maths

Little Alchemy-     Students can mix different elements to see what they become!
Mystery Doug-  Inspire curiosity and get those crazy questions kids ask, answered!

Nat Geo Kids-    Geography info, games and quizzes 
History for Kids-    Kid-friendly historic information  

Music Tech Teacher-    Interactive music and instrumental quizzes
PBS-    Interactive games with familiar TV characters
Toy Theatre-    Simple interactive music games

Art Hub for Kids-   Kids’ favourite “how to” art lesson
Cartooning Club How to Draw-   Step by step for drawing cartoons

PE Central-  PE lessons, assessment, videos and more
Physedgames-  PE games with instructional videos
PE Games-    PE warm ups, lessons, challenges and circuits

Big Brown Bear-   Typing games and practise
Oakdome-   Technology lesson plans
Scratch-   Coding platform for kids

Helpful Resources

Brain Breaks
Coach Corey-   Dance/Freeze and Chase videos
Just Dance-   Great to get kids up and moving
Go Noodle-   Perfect for movement breaks
Smiling Mind App-    Practising mindfulness
The Kiboomers-   Kids Music Channel
Which One Doesn’t Belong-     Thought provoking puzzles, great for discussions
Get to know you wheel-  Randomised questions. Perfect for an intro to the class or as a brain break

Noise Monitoring
Bouncy Balls-
Calm Counter-
Class Craft-

Online Stopwatch-
Toy Theatre-


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