Casual Teachers, Just Glorified Babysitters???

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Glorified babysitter, huh??

We’ve all heard it as an educator, but no one hears it more than casual teachers.

We bear the brunt of that remark and to be honest, some days, when the class is so well behaved and the teacher has got everything planned to a tee, then yeah, I do feel like a babysitter. (A very well paid one, mind you!).

BUT, these days can be few and far between. And at some schools and areas, this may never happen in your career.

Most days are spent-

  • Scrambling to work out passwords and logins to get some tech access (if we are lucky to be left a computer).
  • Trying to remember as many names as possible before the end of the first session because we know that it makes our life SOOOOO much easier when we do.
  • Making sense of the teacher’s planning, which I’m sure is perfectly understandable…to them only!
  • Trying to squeeze in the mountain of work (usually worksheets 😴) that the teacher has probably only set as busy work in case you need something to fill the time when really you’d rather do your won
  • Putting out fires when students are not interested in said “busy work” and start causing mischief.
  • Tossing up whether to call for back up or tough it out to seem like you’ve got it all under control, when really you are freaking the hell out!
  • Bribing the class by trying to squeeze some games into the over-planned day to keep them engaged and motivated.
  • Walking a class to their specialist lesson then run/walking (cause you don’t want to be seen running on the concrete) to another class to fill in for the non-contact time at the opposite end of the school, apologising on arrival for being late even though you’re expected to be in two places at the same time, then trying to hide your panting as you step in to teach.
  • Unless said teacher hasn’t been notified of you filling in and then you both scramble to work out if you are in the right place, or what they can possibly use you for and by that time it is time to go back and collect your class from said specialist lesson.
  • Trying to remember when the bells go at this school and how much time you have left in each session.
  • Trying to find a microwave that works to heat up your leftovers for lunch.
  • Searching for the teacher’s high vis jacket then rushing to find where on earth the duty folder and duty area is.
  • Realising you haven’t had a chance to go to the toilet and now class is back.
  • Not brave enough to ask the teacher next door to watch your class for a minute, even though you are on the verge of peeing your panties.
  • Rushing to get them to clean the room before they leave because you didn’t realise this school ended earlier than your last school.
  • Begrudgingly clean the rest of the room yourself after the classes’ dismal attempt of a clean up.
  • Scratch out a letter covering what you did for the day and how the students were, keeping it mostly light-hearted to ensure you appear competent.
  • Check out with admin lying that you had an amazing day today.

Ok, now that list isn’t completely true…but it isn’t completely false either! 😜

Can you relate to any of that?


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