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  • If you feel nervous about starting relief teaching…
  • If you get anxious about the morning call from your Supply agency…
  • If you want to feel confident to teach any grade or subject even if no planning is left…

…then you have come to the right place.

My name is Kelly Quilter and I help preservice teachers, new graduates, teachers returning to work and experienced teachers feel more confident, improve their skills and find more enjoyment in their role as a Supply, Substitute and Relief Teacher.

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About Teacher for a Day resource books

Teacher for a Day was created after seeing a desperate need to help Supply Teachers become more confident when going into the unknowns of the role. Too often I was hearing of teachers, particularly new graduates, nervous and stressing about doing Supply Teaching. I remember all too well the feeling of anxiety I had when I first started out. Wondering where I would be working that day? What grade would it be? Would there be a plan left? Would it be a horror class?

I purchased a tonne of resources for all grades and subjects and photocopied a mountain of worksheets to help me feel “prepared” for whatever was thrown my way. I found schools frowned upon you using the photocopier, even if it was directed by the classroom teacher, so I would print it at home or Officeworks. My supply bag and car were jam-packed with resources to help me feel less anxious each day. Did I use all the resources? Hardly ever. And after years of doing Supply Teaching I had refined my activities and felt more confident, but I still carried way too many resources, just for “back-up”.

So eventually, I created Teacher for a Day.

These resources are a compilation of EVERYTHING I wanted and needed in ONE book. It includes:

  • Engaging lessons that need NO photocopying or little to no resources
  • Activities covering most subject areas separated into grade levels
  • Behaviour Management strategies
  • Daily Plan examples
  • An organiser
  • While you were out template
  • Recommended picture books with accompanying activities
  • Popular websites
  • Time fillers and games
  • Tips for getting work
  • Professional development and financial recording sheets
  • Coloured tabs to easily navigate pages
  • Full colour, because teachers love cute resources and fun designs!

This is the ONLY resource you will need for those days when you have 5 minutes to fill or there is no plan left at all. They are designed to support teachers in the classroom, giving you everything you need in just ONE book. This format is the first of its kind and has been getting rave reviews from over 1 800 happy customers.

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6 Foolproof Ways to Get More Supply Teaching Work

What Makes TFAD Stand Out Above The Rest?

All TFAD resources are designed to need NO photocopying and little to no resources.

They are available in an Early Childhood, Primary or High School Edition along with supporting materials including Behaviour Management for Supply Teaching Success, IWB Activity Ebook, Celebrations Activity Ebook and a Teacher Planner making TFAD your one stop shop!

So is TFAD worth it?

You could always do what I, and most people do when starting out.

  • Purchase the Supply Teaching Resource books that cater for 1 or 2 grades each book (rrp $30 each) and require lots of photocopying.
  • Go to Education bookstores and buy workbooks on Maths, English, Art, Sport, Time fillers, Games and Behaviour Management. Make sure you have some that cover for the variety of grades you could be teaching.
  • Get a yearly membership to a teaching site to access lessons and worksheets (averaging $60+/year).
  • Spend a fortune on ink printing out worksheets for all subject areas and grade levels.
  • Devote hours upon hours researching and recording activities and games into a file or notepad, only to end up with a disorganised mess and paper everywhere.

You can do it yourself, the hard way, just like I did all those years ago…


you can learn from my mistakes, save yourself time, money and back ache and purchase ONE resource to be the peace of mind you need to do a great job and get asked back time and again for repeat work.

PLUS you can purchase the ebook or hardcopy completely RISK FREE. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your purchase then you can take advantage of my 14-day money back guarantee. If you don’t like it, or find it useful, then you can return it and I will refund your money in full.


New Supply Teaching Resource Book


From beginning to end, this book has been specifically designed with Supply Teacher’s needs in mind. It will have you covered for any emergency you might face.

Teaching a grade or subject outside of your comfort zone?
There are plenty of fun and engaging activities to suit most subject areas.
Your class is a nightmare?
There are lots of effective Behaviour Management Strategies for you to implement.
Last minute call?
All the activities need NO photocopying and little to no preparation. Just open the book and away you go.
No planning left at all?
The Daily Plan Examples will have your day planned out, step by step.
5 minutes to fill in?
There are lots of fun indoor and outdoor games, plus fast finishers to kill 5 minutes or drag them out as long as you like! It has been created as an all-in-one resource so you won’t need to carry anything else with you. The book includes engaging activities that you will love using time and again. Unlike the usual Supply Resources you won’t need to photocopy or prepare a thing! It also includes handy features such as- – A reflective diary – Behaviour management strategies – An organiser – Employment tips – Recommended websites and books – Daily plan examples and template – Teacher feedback form … and much more!

Read from other happy teacher’s why they love this book.
Check out www.teacherforaday.com to see a Preview of Teacher for a Day- Primary School Edition.
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