The Only All-in-one Resource For Supply, Relief And Substitute Teachers That Needs No Photocopying, Technology Or Prep.

Just walk in and start teaching any subject in any grade.

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Are you…

Nervous when it comes to stepping into the classroom as a Supply, Relief or Substitute teacher?

A Prac Student or New Graduate feeling shocked at how little university has prepared you for the real world of teaching?

A Teacher who is seriously suffering from imposter syndrome?

A Tutor confused at where to start?

Whether you’re worried about what class you might get each day, have no idea what resources you need or petrified you’ll get a nightmare student to keep under control, don’t panic. You’ve come to the right place.

I remember all too well graduating and feeling like I was being fed to the lions, unprepared for any and all of the situations that came my way.

I used to get that get that pit in my stomach, nervous poop in the morning, waiting in anticipation for the call from my agency. (No? Just me???)

I’ve been there, done that and have got your back my friend!

Cue…Teacher for a Day resources to the rescue.

Teaching Resources

Teacher For Early Years

$32.00 – $80.00

Primary School Edition

$32.00 – $90.00

Early Childhood Edition

$32.00 – $80.00

High School Edition

$30.00 – $80.00

What Teachers Are Saying

Affectionately referred to as “a life saver”, the “teacher’s bible” and a “must-have”, these resources are literally changing lives, one nervous teacher at a time.

I don’t want to toot my own horn, but hundreds of teachers have taken the time out of their busy day to thank me for creating them.

It floors me every time that people can even be assed to write to me, but when someone tells you things like “I’ve learnt more in 5 minutes reading your book than I have my whole degree” OR “The ONLY resource I need to keep me sane and do a great job” OR “You’ve made me a better teacher”  you know you’re doing something right.

And when I get emails like this from a single mum, my mission is complete.

“Never underestimate the difference you have made with your work. Your book helped me to work up the courage to get back into the classroom, to survive the difficult days, and eventually to land a permanent part-time position that now keeps the rent paid after my son converted to home-schooling due to bullying. Thank you so very much for helping us through these challenging times.” – Laura-

About Teacher For A Day Resource Books

So, why are over 10 000 happy teachers loving their Teacher for a Day resources?


All activities are tried, tested and loved by students AND teachers. If you want to have an enjoyable day, you can rest easy knowing all the activities are educational, engaging and enjoyable for both educators and students alike.


The resource books are “all-in-one” so you no longer need to buy multiple books for different grades. Just grab one compact book for your preferred teaching area and you are good to go!


Since photocopying can be a pain in the butt and often near impossible to access as a causal supply teacher, I made sure ALL my activities don’t require worksheets. The trees are grateful too.


As a supply, relief or substitute teacher, resources can be scarce, so all the activities only need things you will find in a classroom. No fancy instagramable craft gear needed here.


Whether you need 5 minutes to fill or a whole day, TFAD has you covered.


With a Confidence Guarantee, you can purchase it risk-free if it doesn’t help you feel more confident stepping into the classroom.

As Featured In…

Meet Kelly Quilter

My name is Kelly Quilter, teacher, author and creator of Teacher for a Day. I have nearly 20 years’ experience working with children working in Early Childhood, Primary and as a Supply Teacher.

When I started out supply teaching, I was an anxious mess every morning. I use to carry a million resource books and class sets of random sheets for “just in case” to help me feel more prepared.

But to be honest, it just made me feel more overwhelmed and was heavy as shit to lug around each day.

After years of teaching, I decided there must be a better way and decided to create an “all-in-one” resource to help teachers feel more prepared and confident with whatever was thrown their way.

Over 10 000 teachers have purchased my resources and find just having them on hand “eases their anxiety”, makes them “feel more confident” and even “makes them a better teacher.”

For over 6 years, Teacher for a day has become the “go to resource” for casual relief, supply and substitute teachers, classroom teachers and tutors to feel more prepared and confident in the classroom.

Secrets to Becoming a Confident, Successful and Sought-after Supply Teacher!

Nervous, Anxious or Struggling with Supply Teaching?

This webinar will give you over 50mins of PD hours PLUS a whole new outlook on Supply Teaching.

Teachers are walking away feeling more confident than ever, feeling more empowered in our role and ready to tackle any job that is thrown their way.

Happy Customers

I am a full-time teacher, so when I originally looked at TFAD, I thought it was only for relief teachers. Boy, was I wrong! A friend of mine purchased the book, and she said it was a great book for fast finisher activities and to engage those students who have trouble engaging with the curriculum. And she was right. The way I teach has changed, thanks to this bookMy students are more engaged and are therefore learning more. Thank you, TFAD!”


This book is everything. I love it. Beautifully written. The images, colours, pages- everything. It’s a joy to look at and make reference to when you are on the job. It has made work less scary for me knowing that I have this in my bag for back up. Sometimes children love the simplest of games and activities etc, and this book has all of that. (As well as some genius stuff you haven’t thought of before). I would, and already have recommended this book.

Sarah C

“…thank you for sharing your tips, resources and expertise… I was extremely anxious about returning to teaching after 13-years. No amount of resources, educational games or book collections helped to ease this anxiety… your books allowed me to declutter my teaching bag, providing age appropriate activities… the most overarching benefit is my complete mental shift… I am no longer feeling intimidated by the unknown or overwhelmed with what to pack or how to plan for a successful day. I feel like a far better teacher thanks to your books.”


“Kelly, a HUGE thank you for creating the best casual teaching resource I have come across… Over the years I have collected loads of resources you have saved and why… Your book is a game changerI was feeling seriously anxious about returning to teaching, but your book has really helped to ease my anxiety. Your TFAD book has everything I need to feel prepared for that last-minute phone call…”

Jody B